Upcoming Workshops:

Saturday February 22, 2020 - Example from Pre-pandemic

Swing Devils of the Palouse Workshop
Location:  Moscow Moose Lodge, 210 N Main St, Moscow, ID
Prices: $20 members/ $30 non-members for all 3 classes.
Individual classes - $8 members/ $10 for non members.

Show up early and pay at the door.

Use the dancer descriptions HERE, to decide which classes you should take.

Class Descriptions:
Noon to 1pm - Follower Foundation & Flair (Emerging to experienced dancers)
What is the difference between an exceptional follow and an average one? How do you find that extra sparkle within yourself? In this class we will begin the process of learning how to develop you unique follower voice, while building up the skills needed to excel on the social dance floor. ----- Leads ---- we need you in this class. Not only will you provide the foundation needed to execute these concepts, but many of the concepts that make a great follow also apply to greatness in a lead. We will also talk about places within this dance where the roles of the dancers switch, turning the lead in to a follow for a time. Taught by Maureen and Kenny

1:15pm to 2:15pm - Bal-Swing (New to developing dancers)
Developed in the 1930’s in southern California alongside and influenced by dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Fox Trot, Bal-swing was the So-Cal dancers response to big band swing music. It is a perfect dance for any tempo of music, and its glidey movement is perfect for those who want a slightly flashy dance that is easy on the body and quick to learn. Join us to learn the basic rhythms and combinations of this dance. Taught by Maureen and Kenny. Watch us dancing it here,, and learn about the history here,

2:30pm to 3:30pm - Charleston Variations (Emerging to experienced dancers)
Specific description not yet available. Taught by your local Swing Devils Instructors.

For more dancing goodness join one of our Group Classesschedule a private lesson, or check out the weekly dancing at the Moscow Moose Lodge by the Swing Devils of the Palouse (not part of the Bonnefin Dance Experience) ,