Types of Swing Dancing We Teach


Lindy Hop - This is our specialty. We have been dancing this dance since 2000, it this is the dance we know best. We will be able to help you in almost any aspect of this dance from the very basics to the more complicated theories and moves.

Video Clips:

This clip is one of the favorites of the modern day Lindy Hop scene. It shows the cream of the crop doing what they do best at some very fast tempos. Every Lindy Hopper wishes that they could be this good.

This clip shows Lindy Hop done to the more standard tempo. This is what most dancers think of when you say Lindy Hop.

This shows what can be done with Lindy Hop when you slow it down and take it to a groovier level.

A quick history of Lindy Hop.


Balboa/ Bal-Swing - This is another of our favorite dances. We can help you to learn all of the basics of this dance although the more complex moves will have to wait until we have added them to our own repertoire.

Two of our favorite dancers and teachers demoing both pure Balboa and Bal-swing at a moderate tempo.

This shows two of the tops dancers of today dancing both pure Balboa and Bal-Swing.

Two of our favorite instructors dancing pure Balboa


Charleston for Lindy Hop (and other swing dances) – We have been doing Charleston in our Lindy Hop for as long as we have been Lindy Hopping. We will be able to help you add some of this flashy dancing to your current dance style.

Video Clips:

Modern day Partner Charleston, showing a lot of Lindy influences.

1920's Partner Charleston exhibition done by modern day dancers. Shows what the dance started out looking like.


East Coast Swing – A simplified version of the Lindy Hop, also know as 6 count swing or 6 count Lindy Hop. This dance will get you out having fun on the dance floor after only a few lessons.

Video Clip:

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