Private Lessons

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“It’s not complicated. It’s creative …. You learn the basic step then you just go from there.”

~ Dawn Hampton 

Discussing Lindy Hop on KUOW’s Weekday Podcast.

We specialize in private swing dance lessons for those who want to learn the dance or refine their skill. “Why take privates lessons?” you ask, when there is an abundance of free or low cost group classes available on the Palouse?

  • Scheduling Conflicts – Perhaps you are unable to attend these classes because of scheduling conflicts. Private lessons allow you to custom fit dance lessons into your life.
  • Stalled in Your Dance Improvement – Maybe you feel as though you have hit a wall in your development as a dancer. We can custom design classes to help you move beyond that wall and develop into the dancer you want to be.
  • Something is Missing – Perhaps you are really enjoying your group lessons, but feel like you are missing important components of the dance, or that the pace of the class is not suited to your ability to process the information. We can help you fill in those gaps, and custom fit the pace of your class to your learning style.
  • CONFIDENCE  & KNOWLEDGE – There are many reasons to take private lessons, but the most important one is to help you feel more knowledgeable and confident about yourself and your dancing.

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