Group Classes

Presented in partnership  with the City of Moscow.

Find joy, fitness, and community with swing dancing. Research shows that social dancing advances physical, mental, and social well being. Improving everything from cardio and balance to reducing stress and dementia while getting to know new people through a fun all ages activity. We have classes for all levels, from those who have never danced to more advanced dancers, descriptions below. Join our classes to fall in love with this amazing hobby!

We must have a minimum of 8 participants pre-registered in each class in order to host the class, so SIGN UP TODAY via the City of Moscow’s registration site, linked in the above button.

No partner? No problem! We highly encourage our students to rotate partners throughout the lesson to ensure everyone gets to practice and make new friends.

Time: Wednesdays 6:45 – 9:00pm. Each class is one hour long.

Location: Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center (HIRC) Multipurpose Room, 1724 E F Street, Moscow ID

Age: 16 – 110

We cater the content of our classes to the majority of the participants' ability and learning preferences. As such, class content changes from semester to semester; we recommend retaking classes.

CHANGES FOR FALL 2019: We are changing our class content this fall to allow for more flexibility of learning and teaching. Instead of expecting students to be ready to take on a new dance style in the second session we are going back to our roots and focusing on making sure that you have enough time to learn and become comfortable with the content before moving on to the next dance style. As such we have added an extra week to Session 1 and broadened the descriptions of each session. Our goal with these classes is to have you social dancing and intermixing all of the popular vintage swing dances (East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa) into what was originally called Jitterbug. This level of dancing can take several years to achieve, so we fully expect repeat students and have restructured the sessions to allow for a more organic teaching and learning experience that will allow multiple levels of students to learn something new from each class.

Not sure you are up for a several year quest? That's okay, come join us for whatever time you can commit. We have purposely structured the classes to have multiple sessions so that as long as you have taken Track 1 Session 1 (or an equivalent) you can drop into the other sessions as time permits. Use the dancer descriptions at the bottom of this page to decide which classes you should take. Still not sure of your level? Contact Maureen at and she can help place you into the correct session.

SESSION 1: September 11 – October 9 (5 weeks) – REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 4TH

6:45 – 7:45 pm
TRACK 1 - Session 1 (New dancers to emerging dancers) – The perfect track for new dancers or those who want to refine their basics. This track focuses on learning lead and follow technique, while giving you confidence to get out on the dance floor with some exciting moves and styling. Session 1 will focus on the 6-count basic and related moves.

7:45 – 8:00 pm – Break time! - Music will be put on for you to practice your new moves, then get out your camera to record the instructors' class recap.

8:00 – 9:00 pm  
TRACK 2 - Session 1 (Emerging dancers to experienced dancers) – Take your dancing to the next level with this track. In this track we will refine technique, add to your repertoire, and show you how to add your own personal flair. Participants need to know the basic 6-count vintage swing rhythm (aka East Coast Swing) and basic lead and/or follow technique for Session 1. Depending upon the request of class participants, we may explore content from one or more of the popular vintage swing dances such as Charleston, Lindy Hop, and/ or Balboa. Fast learners can take this track in tandem with Track 1.

SESSION 2: October 30 - November 20 (4 weeks) – REGISTER BY OCTOBER 23RD

6:45 – 7:45 pm
TRACK 1 - Session 2 (Emerging dancers to developing dancers) – Depending upon the request of class participants, Session 2 will explore the basics of one or more of the popular vintage swing dances such as Charleston, Lindy Hop, and/ or Balboa. We will explore new moves, technique, and we will work to integrate content from this session in to your existing repertoire. This session is designed for people who know some social dancing basics, such as those who have taken Session 1, or those who know ballroom, Latin, or contra dance.

7:45 – 8:00 pm – Break time! - Music will be put on for you to practice your new moves, then get out your camera to record the instructors' class recap.

8:00 – 9:00 pm  
TRACK 2 - Session 2 (Developing dancers to experienced dancers) – Start polishing your dancing with this track. This session will build upon the content presented in session 1 by developing more advanced concepts such as musicality, dancing at extreme tempos (fast & slow), and learning more complex move combinations. Dancers should have taken Session 1 or know the basic 8-count rhythm before entering Session 2. Fast learners can take this in tandem with Track 1.


New - You have never partner danced in your life; other than that one time at a party where you and a friend held hands and skipped around the room.

Emerging - You may know some basic vintage swing dancing, and/or other form of social dancing such as ballroom, Latin, or contra dance, but you are not ready to take your vintage swing dance moves onto the social dance floor. You are still trying to understand how your body is supposed to move while you build a basic repertoire of moves.

Developing - You have been dancing vintage swing for a while, anywhere from several months to several years. You go social dancing, but you may feel like something is missing in your dance. Maybe the connection with your partner does not feel comfortable, you feel like your repertoire of moves is too small, or you feel like you are just repeating what you were taught without adding you own ideas to the dance. Whatever the case, you are ready to move beyond your current state and level up your dance.

Experienced - You have been dancing vintage swing for long time. Long enough to be completely comfortable on the social dance floor. Maybe you also teach in your dance scene, travel to other dance events, and/ or compete. You are looking to polish your dance by learning the nuances; such as clarity of body movement, musicality, and partnering.

In order to keep the lead follow ratio in balance we offer a $10 discount to participants who sign up with a partner. Lead and follow roles are not gender specific, but we ask that you commit to one roll for the entirety of the class.

Resident Non-resident
SESSION 1 ** 5 weeks
Single $45 $47
Partner Package $75 $77
SESSION 2 ** 4 weeks
Single $36 $38
Partner Package $60 $64