Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?

No. Our Group Classes and Workshops are open to all, no partner required, although occasionally price breaks are offered to those who bring a partner in order to help keep the lead follow ratio in balance.

Additionally a partner is not needed for private lessons. In fact one-on-one private lessons can be the biggest growth experience of your dancing career. That being said, the price for private lessons is the same whether they are one-on-one, or with a partner. So if you want to reduce your cost for private lessons it may be advantageous to bring a partner.

Lead and follow roles are not gender specific, but we do ask that you commit to one roll for the entirety of the class both for partner ratio balance and to help your learning process.

Where are classes located?

Please check the Group Classes and Workshops pages for the location of these events. Private lessons are held in our private studio unless you prefer otherwise. The floor is real hardwood and a joy to dance on. We ask that you bring a separate pair of  “dance” shoes for the class as we do not allow street shoes on our hardwood. Alternatively we can provide lessons in you own home for an additional travel fee.

What should I wear?

Please come dressed in clothing that you are comfortable doing a lot of moving in. Kenny and I like to practice in either jeans or sweats and T-shirts. Additionally please bring a separate pair of “dance” shoes that you can change into. Especially if you are taking lessons at at our home studio, as we don’t allow street shoes on our hardwood. These shoes do not need to be actual dance shoes, just comfortable non-marking shoes that will stay on your feet and that are impeccably clean. Additionally we suggest that you bring a bottle of water as dancing can make you quite thirsty.